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I’m back, bitches. OK, I might not be.

I’m back, bitches. OK, I might not be. But I like saying “I’m back.” Especially with the added emphasis employing the word “bitches.” But all that aside, I hope I’m back for the long haul. I’m not holding my breath. … Continue reading

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red lentil balls… my quest continues

husband and i have been eating vegetarian the past week. it was an unspoken decision that we somehow came unto. so,¬†with my vision of our vegetarian holy grail and my first encounter with red lentils fresh on my mind, my … Continue reading

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a tale of three pizzas

for dinner tonight, we went our really good friends house; they were incredibly generous in letting me use their kitchen and kindly didn’t bat an eye when i started slinging the cornmeal around. with 3 different pizzas on the menu, … Continue reading

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french toast & coffee

is there anything that says “i love you” more than freshly made french toast? in my half attempt to show husband how much i love him, i woke up early to begin the process. starting with baking baguettes, running to … Continue reading

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i heart pizza

this evening i had the pleasure of my friend the messee’s company. it has been a long time since we have hung out, so it was completely worthy of pizza celebration. in honor of her, i wanted to create a … Continue reading

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i love leftovers

tonight was a creative night in the kitchen. after last night’s football feast, i have a fridge full of left overs (it is a beautiful sight). my game plan is to use everything i typically don’t use first. good plan? … Continue reading

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cheese & chocolate

it was sunday fun day in the home scratch cookin’ kitchen. the purpose of fun day is to celebrate with new, to make make something i have never made before or use an ingredient i have never used. today i … Continue reading

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