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I’m back, bitches. OK, I might not be.

I’m back, bitches. OK, I might not be. But I like saying “I’m back.” Especially with the added emphasis employing the word “bitches.” But all that aside, I hope I’m back for the long haul. I’m not holding my breath. … Continue reading

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forbidden rice pudding

and finally an update… in my defense i have been, much to my dismay, too busy to cook and to write. buy all apologies aside, here i am with a new post. today included a trip to whole foods to … Continue reading

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& finally… my 7th way with lentils

so far i have made (in no particular order), lentil balls, dal, bread, pancakes, stir fry, burgers and now… inspired by my magic trick brownies, i made butterscotch brownies. the result? sticky, sweet warm goodness and my 7th way with … Continue reading

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so what do you do with a turnip?

it feels like it has been forever since i’ve written anything. in my defense, husband and i have been running around busy with work, socializing and generally not being home long enough for me to actually cook let alone get … Continue reading

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green zing

thanks to a very dear friend of mine, i made a very healthy, very delicious meal this evening. she follows my blog and knowing how much i love looking at everything and every item in whole foods, she signed me … Continue reading

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it is like a chocolate shake

we had a surprise party for my boss. the party (a pot luck) included lots of food and left me with cake crumbs on my mouth. there was an array of fruit trays, veggie trays, quiche, cheese, olives, homemade┬ámelitzanosalata with … Continue reading

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pita pockets

i spent over an hour sweating at the gym today so i decided i would for once be “good.” if good can always taste this good, i think i would be “good” more often. maybe. when i was thinking about … Continue reading

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