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feta quesadilla and guacamole

this evening was the first time that husband and i actually sat down to a home cooked meal together in a long time. at the table, no less. between the two of us and work and everything else, it has … Continue reading

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penne pasta; an “office picnic” meal

today i had the real pleasure of cooking an office picnic lunch for my bubba. bubba and i have known one another now for over fourteen years. she and i both played clarinet in the high school band, somehow always had the same classes, got … Continue reading

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southwestern turkey burgers

i have a confession. i didn’t go on a run today… i could not bring myself to get out of bed. so, no 4.5miles for me. there is always tomorrow, right? i was, however, able to cook and now blog, so yay me! … Continue reading

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a day late? right on time? or a bleak apology for my “sins?”

when i wrote last night’s post i had some how forgotten that husband and i had made dinner plans with my grandparents… tex-mex, no less. so no skinny meal there. but that is ok. tomorrow brings another day of skinny … Continue reading

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homemade whole wheat pasta

my mother is, in one word, amazing. last thursday she sent me a text that showed a picture of a pasta maker with the magic words “surprise gift was delivered today. ready for pick up.” needless to say, i hightailed … Continue reading

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magic trick brownies.

i love making apples out of oranges. you take one thing that is amazing by itself and then turn it into something so amazing and so completely different. it is magic. so for my magic trick… this evening, i made … Continue reading

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happy yellow squash

today was an easy, healthy day in the kitchen with yellow squash and cauliflower. it was nothing really special except it was super tasty.     i used cumin, coriander and fresh ginger to season the spring colored, happy squash and … Continue reading

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