watermelon agua fresca

ever since my last tasty heist, i have been day dreaming about watermelon agua fresca.  you take watermelon, mash it all up, add a little bit of sweetener, a little bit of citrus and bam. you are done… pour it in a glass and sip the goodness of watermelon; it is like cold, refreshing sunshine in your cup.

i have never attempted agua fresca before, so for reference, i found a recipe/guide on whole foods website to follow as a guide. their recipe served 6-8, my batch was much smaller and instead of using lime, i used orange and didn’t add mint (only because i don’t have any on hand. otherwise, i think it would be a delicious addition).

watermelon agua fresca

small seedless watermelon
1cup cold water
1 orange
1tbs agave nectar
combine watermelon and water in a food processor or blender, pulsing until smooth. stain watermelon into a pitcher, add orange juice and agave nectar. stir. pour into a glass and enjoy!

sipping on my agua fresca while husband finishes up laundry has been a great way to wrap up this sunday funday.


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novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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