veggie tacos and outlaws

i call my dining partner in crime my partner in crime because we both share the same passion for good food. somewhere in between figuring out where to eat, what to eat and getting our food we turn into ruthless outlaws, fighting for what may be our last meals. silently we stuff our faces and grunt intermittently “mms,” “hmms,” and “thisisgoods.” after our plates have been cleaned of every morsel, our runaway appetites are always hungry for more. more good food, more good drink, more good beer. last night was no different from any other time, other than i have written proof of our planned attacks.  hopefully it will be just as funny to you as it is to me.

we started out with a list of places in our neighborhoods/close by and slowly, meticulously wittled each choice down.

Simplicity Wine and Eats (cheap)I really like this place; cool atmosphere, small plates/tapas so you can get a lot of different things
Apothecary (don’t know) want to try it at some point, but looks a little classy for after the gym
Blue Star (moderate) good, but, there really are more cooler/better/more interesting options
Sarah’s Market (cheapish) would want to eat lamb. Lamb isn’t quite vegetarian
some new pizza place that doesn’t look all that wonderful (don’t care)
Torchy’s (cheap) I actually have never eaten a Torchy’s taco. Torchy’s=amazing, but I don’t think it’s cheap, honestly. I think it’s cheapish. But definitely worth going to
Phi’s Ice House (cheapish) good and affordable, but tons of kids
two Mexican food places that I can’t remember the names of (one looks like the prices would be lesser than the other) is one of them checkos? Because that’s a no.
The Parlor (affordable) have been there too many times, wanting to venture out.
Thunderbird (cheap) too many other good options
Central Market (meh) too many other good options
Ezs (meh) too many other good options
Taco Deli (don’t know)  will be closed
a sushi place next to Ezs (bonsai?) (affordable) because it’s sushi
Draught House (cheap) i do want to try this place, just not tonight I guess. some BBQ place that just opened (don’t know) don’t want a meal of just sides, unless it is tapas.
Hat creek burger (affordable) don’t think they have veggie options
Billy’s (don’t know) because I don’t know anything about it except that it is next to Julio’s
Julio’s (ish)
New world deli we’ve both been there. and because I have to narrow down. ha.
Chipotle too many other good options
Chilis = bleh to make faith’s life better (this made me laugh)
Ave b grocery = meh boring
Vino vino, they have food right? $$ plus limited food selection? Not limited food selection, just instead of $, it is $$
Trudy’s (maybe a little far for walking, but still, walking distance) isn’t Thursday college night?
Posse east (same as above) see above comments
24 Diner very reviewable not as cheap as the others think I need cheaper than $$
Whole foods (tons of options) don’t know if I can consider it reviewable, but can definitely be swayed if you really want to go
Screaming goat (I’m willing to try this place again because I think I didn’t order the right thing the first time I went there) most of what we have is walkable, so lets do something within walking distance
Zocalo interested because it is called Zocalo ha. it’s quite good and has good aguas frescas and good atmosphere. You may have sold me on the aguas frescas… do they have veggie? They do have a variety of veggie options… different things with fish in them I think, and other just great meatless versions of regular dishes… and jicama salad that can’t be beat… sooo gooood.
Veggie heaven haven’t been in forever and was already on my mind see screaming goat
Mothers not totally opposed to mothers, but veggie heaven is cheaper so I’m going to vote in that direction on the vegetarian/vegan restaurant
hyde park bar and grill good, but I think there are better places
some Mexican restaurant that I can never remember the name of obviously not memorable enough
the daily juice atmosphere and menu is never exciting for me don’t like the hippies
Jason’s deli too many other good optionsquiznos too many other good options
galaxy café
which wich jon said he shas a bunch of coupons for this place… next to the other options, I’m kind of thinking, eh, some other time. I’ve never been there but jon said he liked what he got when he went. So… sometime soon, I will try it.
mandolasmandolas is mandolas… I like it but I rarely choose to go there.
flying saucerbecause it has a tendency to get busy and fratty. And it’s really all about the beer there, which I’m not against, but ya know…
some nasty discotheque posing as a Mexican restaurant obvious reasons (this made me laugh. For obvious reasons)

through all of our cross outs and debates, we ended up eating at zocalo, a tucked away neighborhood restaurant that served us incredibly fresh and uniquely healthy mexican food. i had veggie tacos, she had chicken enchiladas, we shared a jimica salad and each had a glass of watermelon agua fesca. we were both in outlaw heaven. my tacos were served on whole wheat tortillas, the veggies were grilled to the perfect al dente, served with avacado and fresh salsa… i couldn’t ask for more. until i had a sip of the agua fresca. it was exactly like drinking watermelon. (i’m going to attempt making my own on a very soon sunday funday).

i’m sorry i don’t have any photos, granted that would be disclosing the scene of our crime.

adios amigos,

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