tempeh satay with mango dipping sauce

sometimes when i get a beautiful piece of fruit or veggie, i hoard it. i look at it, smell it and hold off consuming it, almost teasing myself with the anticipation of savoring it.

this past week i had a beautiful, fragrant organic mango sitting patiently in my fruit bowl, just waiting for me to enjoy it. everyday, i would pick it up, smell it and let its tangy sweetness fill my nostrils. it finally fulfilled its purpose last night in the form of a beautiful mango dipping sauce.

i made the sauce by dicing half of the mango (since it was organic i left the skin on) and blending it until smooth in a food processor. i added a tbs of mirin, a good squirt of sriracha and the juice of half of a large lemon, pulsed until combined. the result was a sweet, tangy, slightly spicy sauce that was delicious with the salty soy sauce marinade i used for  the tempeh.


i am still very new to tempeh and have read that if you steam pieces before marinading, it will absorb the flavors better. so of course i had to try it. i cut the tempeh in 1inch spears and steamed for about 15min before i put it in my marinade.

tempeh satay

8oz tempeh (i got 7 skewers from the 8oz package)
1/4cup low sodium soy sauce
1tbs mirin
1 large clove of garlic minced
cut tempeh in 1inch spears and steam for 15min. meanwhile, combine soy sauce, mirin and garlic in a shallow dish. add steamed tempeh to marinade and cover, letting sit for about 10min. flip tempeh and let marinade an additional 10 min. carefully thread each spear on skewer, place on baking sheet and place under hot broiler. broil for 5min, then flip (brushing with left over marinade) and broil for an additional 5min. serve with mango sauce.


now i just need to use the two beautiful oranges sitting in the fruit bowl. any suggestions?

with anticipation,

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