green smoothie

the past month plus a week or two (i think it started at the dawn of spring) i have been obsessed with green smoothies. i look forward to the next time i wake up because i know i get to have a smoothie. almost every day they are different, but they always taste delicious and i get a more than one full serving of veggies to start my day. (which i will admit lends to a great amount of energy and life in my waking step).

sometimes i use dandelion greens, sometimes i use kale. sometimes i use spinach. and sometimes it is a mix. this past week has been relatively consistent with spinach, but this morning was a mix of spinach and romaine. what i am saying is… you really can’t go wrong with what ever green you decide to go with. just pick a green (make it about 1-2cups), 8oz of liquid and your choice of fruit to sweeten.

spinach with banana

after stumbling upon veggie grettie’s blog post with her green smoothie, i’ve have been adding extra protein and nutrients with rainbow light veggie protein energizer powder and chocolate green superfood. the result has been filling, energizing and so delicious.

green smoothie

8oz almond milk
BIG handful of greens (somewhere between 1 and 2 cups)
scoop of rainbow light veggie protein powder
pack of green superfood
one frozen banana
combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth

it is a great way to start my day.

green and not so mean,

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