tasty tilapia tostadas

it was a monday in every since of what a monday can be; hectic, long and i am so glad it is over. to help combat my case of the mondays, i went on a long run when i got home. properly worn out and hungry i was ready to make husband and my dinner.

i had some defrosted tilapia waiting for me to make into tasty tilapia tostadas (3Ts!). i’m a big fan of using tilapia in mexican food; it is such a mild fish that takes so well to bold flavors.

today i tried something different to prep the fish. normally, i just season it and start cooking it. but today, i gave it a bath by combining a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, about a teaspoon of sea salt and enough water to cover two fillets in a large bowl and letting it sit for about 15min.

as the fish soaked, i preheated my oven (550°F), sauteed some cabbage, heated the black beans i made yesterday afternoon (husband and i generally make a huge pot of beans on sundays to eat off of for lunch during the week) and toasted fresh corn tortillas.

when the fish was done soaking, i transferred the fillets to a lightly oiled cookie sheet and gave it a generous sprinkling of light chili powder (low salt), black pepper and a light dusting of cayenne pepper and placed on the lowest rack of the oven for about 6min. after the 6min, i placed the fish under the broiler for about 3-4min.

the fish done, tortillas toasted, cabbage sauteed, the cilantro chopped, avocado mashed and the beans heated, it was tasty tilapia tostada time. i topped mine with avocado, fish, cabbage, cilantro and cherry tomatoes. husband opted for beans, fish and cabbage. either way you chose, those 3Ts won’t last long on your plate.


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3 Responses to tasty tilapia tostadas

  1. koshercorvid says:

    They make a spice with salt in it and dare to call it chile powder? That’s almost heretical!

    um. Anyway. Do you think the vingar soak did anything for the fish, made it more tender or the flavor “pop” at all? I’m curious if that’s a step I should try.

  2. Sounds delish and so quick and easy! My kind of meal 🙂

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