green zing

thanks to a very dear friend of mine, i made a very healthy, very delicious meal this evening. she follows my blog and knowing how much i love looking at everything and every item in whole foods, she signed me up for their weekly newsletter. i got my first one today. it was beautiful and more than i expected. as soon as i clicked on the newsletter in my inbox, the first thing my eyes saw was the featured recipe, right at the top of the page. and i started to drool. it was all i could do to not rush out to whole foods to gather ingredients for the meal i made for husband and me this evening.

greens with carrots, feta cheese and brown rice. nothing you can go wrong with. i chose kale, sheep’s milk feta and a long grain brown rice. i didn’t follow the recipe line by line, instead of completely steaming the onion, carrots and kale, i first sauteed the onion and carrots in a wee bit of olive oil, added pepper, a pinch of salt, half of a large lemons worth of zest, and then the water and kale.

i loved the extra zing the lemon zest added to the flavor

i added fresh squeezed lemon to my plate, but husband isn’t a fan, so he missed out; the black pepper, kale and lemon taste was the perfect combo of green, spice and tang.

i can’t wait for my next newsletter.




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