grilled pizza

our little hibachi grill has been the best $15 husband and i have spent in a long time. it is absolutely nothing fancy, just a little round, portable grill that has earned its keep and stolen my heart. and subsequently, grilling is my new favorite method of making pizza.

this past sunday, husband and i went on our first car2go adventure. i had signed up many moons ago, but we had yet to find any real reason to drive around in a shared smart car. sunday was no different, but we didn’t have anything else better to do, except for maybe clean, but we didn’t want to do that, so we located the nearest available clown car, walked about a half a mile to it and began our mini tour of austin. not being able to decide where to do, we ended up at whole foods (oh, the irony) to pick up a couple of things for dinner. i had my heart on grilling something. i didn’t care what at that point during our mini sized adventure. so we walked around, him patiently waiting while i picked up every single produce item and examined every aisle of food wonders.

after i saw the olive bar, i knew i wanted mediterranean flavors. so after our purchase of olives (a nice blend of kalamata, niçoise, cerignola), artichoke hearts and manchego cheese (which was amazing- husband and i kept sneaking bites of the salty with just a hint of sweetness cheese) we loaded the loot in the trunk of the mini car and headed home.

as soon as we got home, the grill was lit and the dough streched and resting waiting patiently as the coals reached their peak heat. as soon as the grill was ready, the pizza process commenced.

normally i get strange looks from neighbors when i am outside with food (mostly because i am photographing it), but this time i got passerbys asking “mmm… what are you making?” and a couple of “that smells goods.” the way the dough smells as it begins to bakes is heaven; yeasty and deliciously sweet and doughy. then, as the charcol bakes and crisps the dough, you start to get the toasted aromas filling your nose and making your mouth water.


the flavors of the final product were intoxicating. the pizza encompassed the perfect balance of salty & briny and the crust the perfect combination of crispy and chewy.

i can’t wait to fire up our little hibachi and grill another pizza.

until then,

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novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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  1. I have been wanting to do this for so long…this looks delish! Thanks

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