my 6th way with lentils

i had left over chinese eggplant and was experiencing major peanut sauce cravings, so naturally, my first thought was stir fry. my second thought was “hmm… i need another way with lentils.” and so was the birth of the lentil stir fry.

i love how versatile the little legumes are. they adapt to the flavor you add, they can be mushed, ground, cooked as is. the list seemingly goes on and on. so what will my 7th way with lentils be, you ask? good question. i’m still daydreaming about it. and actually i think i might have just had an idea. maybe.

so for the stir fry, i pulled out my wok and dusted it off. (it is for whatever reason that one kitchen item that seems to always be the one that gets tucked away and pushed aside and nearly forgotten about until faith wants peanut sauce). i heated oil and cut up some celery on its bias (and just found this out… i did it just because i wanted it to look pretty), julienned a red bell pepper, sliced my left over eggplant and threw them all in the hot hot wok. i let the celery cook first, then i added my pepper then i added all the other veggies. once those were all cooked (left al dente) i added my cooked and well drained lentils.

i love love love all the bright colors; the snow peas were a great touch of fresh green crunch

to make the peanut sauce, i combined in a small sauce pan over a low heat about a 1/4cup crunchy peanut butter, a scant 1/4cup low sodium soy sauce, about 2 heaping tbsp hoisin sauce, a good couple of tsp of mirin, minced garlic and stirred until all incorporated and heated through. instead of adding the sauce to the wok, i used it as a dressing.

as a final step, i garnished the meal with freshly chopped cilantro and green onion. and because i was feeling fancy, we used our chopsticks.

and so my lentil saga continues, at least for one more time. i’m playing with the idea i have for my 7th way, but am open to suggestions and any source of inspiration.

dreaming of lentils,



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novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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3 Responses to my 6th way with lentils

  1. Carly says:

    Love this one!!! Peanut sauce is always made with coconut milk or a billion ingredients, but I have all the ingredients to make it your way…….which makes me want to see a thai peanut chicken pizza and a salad with cilantro and peanut dressings mixed (two of my absolute favorite things!) ok? haha

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