my 6th way with lentils

i think this is way number 6 with lentils. 6 down… 1 more to go. i have made dal, bread, balls, pancakes, stir fry (coming soon) and burgers. and really, i did stuff peppers with lentils, so that is “7,” but… i’m not going to count that one.

the home scratch kitchen has still been stuck in vegetarian mode. and i guess really i should say pescetarian because we have eaten a little bit of fish, and we do eat eggs and cheese. as a result of our vegetarianism, husband has lost weight and i am feeling a little less “bogged” down. i’m not sure how long we will keep up the no meat, but in the mean time, i am having a great time exploring our different no meat options.

so, for my 5th way with lentils, i made burgers and they were good. i have made a black bean burger before, so i adopted the same sort of concept. i cooked the lentils, threw them in the food processor with grated carrots and bread crumbs and pulsed until smooth. the result was a sticky patty that held together well.

i wanted to grill the patties, so i put them on foil before putting them on the grill, but for whatever reason, the grill just wasn’t getting hot enough (i think because we didn’t have enough charcoal. but, i am no grilling expert). so eventually they were put under the boiler. as a result, we got charbroiled patties that were just enough crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like a medium rare piece of meat.

served on the burger were fresh roasted red bell pepper and mushrooms. i have fallen in love with roasting my own peppers. there is such a difference in taste and it is so much cheaper and healthier. and there is something to be said about blistering the pepper and peeling the skin off. the mushrooms, i wrapped in foil with a little bit of salt and pepper and fresh parsley and put on the grill. since mushrooms were much more delicate than the hearty lentil patties, they had no problem cooking on the grill and came out wonderfully tasty.

the lentil patties were served on ezekiel buns and topped with the parsley that cooked with the mushrooms, red peppers, mushrooms and spicy dijon mustard.

when i can eat this well and deliciously,  there is no wonder i don’t miss meat. maybe.

non carnivorously,

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2 Responses to my 6th way with lentils

  1. AJ says:

    Mmmm….looks delicious 🙂

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