grilled pizza

my world has been hectic and full of ebbs. it has been full of an almost chaos that i cannot tame. it’s driving me mad. so for some sort of solace, i turn to my home scratch pizza.

this weekend i tried a first… grilled pizza. at first the task seemed just like the untamed chaos blanketing my life, but as soon as i started, the blanket lifted and there, ever so faint was a pizza sparkle in my eye.

after a quick trip back to oceans of seafood for fresh fish (this time stewart recommended the red snapper), husband and i opened some brew and got the grill ready (pipping hot).


before the dough could go on the grill, i needed to prep all of the toppings.

as soon as all my toppings were roasted, grilled and ready, i carefully placed my stretched out and ready dough (it had been refrigerated, so i let it warm to room temperature, stretched it out and let rest for about 30min) on the VERY hot grill top side down. after about 4min, i gingerly lifted the beautiful piece of flat bread off the grill and placed it on my pizza peel, ready to be topped with diced garlic, olive oil, roasted red pepper, mushroom, fish and…

pretty little pizza mountains

i will confess, i did commit a cardinal sin and added feta to the fish… i know, i know… you don’t combine cheese with fish. but it just seemed right and it tasted amazing, so i will not apologize.

i love the ridges

i covered the grill and let cook for another 4min. the result was a crust bottom that was perfectly browned and crispy, the cheese properly melted and everything smelling oh so good. (the really great thing about grilling pizza is how you can capture the true neapolitan pizza taste; the grill makes a great stand in brick oven).

to finish the glorious peace maker off, i topped it with fresh basil

the pizza was amazing. the garlic and basil went so deliciously with the snapper. (and holy, wow… the fresh snapper was absolutely incredible. thank you oceans of seafood).

the next time i make pizza, it will absolutely be prepared on the grill.

with oceans of love,

About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to grilled pizza

  1. koshercorvid says:

    Wait, you aren’t supposed to mix cheese and fish? They’re so good together! You have me wanting to get out the pathetically small grill for this, but it’s still too cold here. Sigh.

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