grilled shrimp po’ boys with home scratch remoulade

this past weekend husband surprised me with an impromptu trip to the beach. so with the car packed with our bikes, cooler and most importantly our grill, we made the drive down to the coast. cruising along, with our XM radio tuned to the 50s doo’op station, i had ample time to daydream about all the fresh seafood soon to be at the mercy of my grill.

before we could say “keep away from run around sue,” we were unpacked and on our bikes, exploring the sleepy little texas coast town of port aransas. as we were biking, i took note of a couple of fresh seafood markets. when i saw a bright neon orange building advertising catches of the day, oceans of seafood was my place. owner stewart wells was incredibly nice, knew his product and was happy to share his grilling tips.

pretty little shrimp

with our one pound bag of fresh gulf shrimp in hand, we hopped back on our bikes and peddled back to our little condo to fire up the grill. on the menu was grilled shrimp po’ boys with remoulade on home scratch french baguettes.

for the shrimp, i peeled, rinsed and seasoned with fresh lemon juice (i used half of a lemon), sea salt and pepper. when the grill was ready, i skewered the shrimp and threw ’em on the grill, cooking until nice and pink.

there isn't anything quite like fresh shrimp

before i was done with the grill, i placed the sliced baguettes on the grill to warm and season with the delicious smoke. when everything was done, i spread a spoonful of my scratch made remoulade over each slice of bread and piled high with shrimp.

chewy, shrimpy goodness

paired with beer and relaxing on the balcony, our po’ boy treats were fresh, healthy and oh so delicious. we enjoyed our little piece of heaven on earth.

gone fishin’,




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