bread and the meaning of life

I figured out the meaning of life. Bread. Now it is highly likely that I will say differently if you put chocolate in front of me. And then it would be yet another story if you put cheese infront of me. But really, bread is life. Where do you think the saying “the bread of life” came from? In other evidence baking my case… I used to be obessed with watching MASH when I was little. I remember a particular episode where a injured solider was dying (I don’t remember the exact particulars, so bear with me)and either Hawkeye or Charles asked the dying patient what they were experiencing. The solider, with a look of peace sighed “it smells like bread” and closed his eyes as he was welcomed to the big bakery in the sky.

As the lentil saga continues, I decided to attempt lentil bread. And it was partially a success. Partially because it tasted amazing, bready, chewy and dense; the texture was a cross between a soda bread and a dinner roll. The partial failure was that it didn’t rise as much as I would have liked. But whatever. I know what I need to change for next time.

dense, chewy, tasty


To make the bread, I soaked a cup of red lentils in water for 2 days in the fridge (I drained, rinsed and added more water after the first day). On the second day, I rinsed and drained the well soaked lentils, placed them in a food processor along with 2 and ¼ tsp of active yeast, 1/2cup whole wheat flour, 1tsp kosher salt and about ¾cup warm water. I pulsed until the ingredients came together in a lovely little dough ball, placed the lentil dough in a greased bowl, covered with saran and let rise in the fridge. When I was ready to bake, I let the dough come to room temperature (about an hour) and placed in a greased bread pan, baking at 450 (because I was already baking at 450) for about 20min (I took it out when it passed the toothpick test and the top was a pretty bread brown).

I had my heart set on making sandwiches with the bread, so I was dissapointed when it didn’t rise like I had wanted, but my dining parter in crime suggested, why don’t you cut it lenthwise? PERFECT! It was a simple solution for my bourde. I continued with my plans of lentil sandwich making without teather nor stich and pan fried my pretty chinese eggplant and sauteed my beet greens, piled them ontop of the hearty , slightly toasted lentil bread.

lentil bread sandwich with egg plant, beet greens and fresh basil

Served along side with roasted beets, the meal was complete

I as a rule hate beets, but saw a recipe that made them look so pretty and so tasty, I had to try. So I did. And now I am a beet lover.

roasted beets

The recipe came from here. The only liberty I took was omitting the honey. The beets were sweet, earthy and made savory with the garlic in the balsamic.

Our meal was completely satisfying, healthy and another way with lentils.

por vida,




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