fried egg sandwich on cat in the hat day

since documenting my kitchen creations, i’ve come to realize most of my favorite foods are eaten with hands or spoon. (which can sometimes be one and the same).

its been about a week and a half since i’ve had any animal protein and i am starting to feel the effects. so without breaking our no meat diet, i made fried egg whole wheat sandwiches served with a side of red swiss chard sauteed with green onion and drizzled with home scratch balsamic vinegarette. our wednesday dinner was fast and healthy.

they look so pretty and earthy

today is cat in the hat day or also known as dr. seuss’s birthday. to celebrate, i had thought about cooking the eggs with some green food coloring or some pretty green herbs, but in the end decided to keep it simple and silently remember the man i grew up reading and rereading until all words and pictures were memorized. “do you like green eggs and ham?”


i fried the eggs in a little bit of butter while i toasted my whole wheat bread. when we don’t eat home scratch bread, i will bring home ezekiel bread and rudi’s bread.

i love slow rise bread.

slow rise bread is my favorite. i love the flavor and chewy texture that are the result of letting the yeast take its time. it is almost like you are allowing the yeast to woo the dough… buy it flowers, take it to the movies. all its efforts (the fermentation process) pay off and lend to an incredible tasting bread.


to marry the eggs and the bread, i spooned a healthy layer of a spicy/sweet red pepper spread on one slice of bread, slid the beautiful fried egg on top and sandwiched with the other crusty slice of bread.

i loved the butter egg with the sweet, spicy crunch of the pepper. it wasn’t green eggs and ham, but it was a great way to remember dr. seuss.

i do like green eggs and ham,

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2 Responses to fried egg sandwich on cat in the hat day

  1. Jacquelyn Foreman says:

    The post that come to my email from you are my favorite things to see in my in box all day….so glad your doing vegetarian as I have a 14 year veggie girl with a sophisticated palate. I can’t wait to dive into some of your recipes…Much love, Jacquelyn

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