red lentil balls… my quest continues

husband and i have been eating vegetarian the past week. it was an unspoken decision that we somehow came unto. so, with my vision of our vegetarian holy grail and my first encounter with red lentils fresh on my mind, my imagination was well greased and ready to try something new. while they were cooking, i had noticed how well the red lentils absorbed liquid and became a lovely cohesive mush. so then was the birth of lentil balls.


pretty little lentil balls

it was a guessing game and all based on deductive reasoning and seasoning that i came up with the recipe that got husbands full blessing.


red lentil balls served with basmati rice & coconut curry sauce

for the lentil balls

1cup red lentils, rinse and drained
2cups veggie broth
1tsp turmeric
2tsp cumin
2tsp coriander
1 half onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
scant handful fresh basil, chopped
sprinkle of bread crumbs
1tbsp olive oil
preheat broiler, spread .5 tsp olive oil on cookie sheet
rinse and drain lentils, place in large sauce pan with veggie broth & turmeric, cook until tender and all liquid is absorbed; about 10min (stir often).
meanwhile, heat 2.5 tsp olive oil in skillet, add onions and sautee until browned. cook basmati per package instructions.
once all liquid is absorbed by lentils, add cumin, coriander, onion, basil and bread crumbs. stir to combine. spoon the mixture by the tablespoon and roll into pretty little balls and place on the prepared cookie sheet. place in broiler for about 5min. flip each ball and broil another 5mins. the lentils should be slightly browned and crisp on the outside and soft in the centers.
plate the lentils with rice and garnish with coconut curry sauce. i was feeling sassy, so i added a sprig of fresh basil on top.

crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and oh so savory all the way through

with the meal fresh on my mind, my continued quest goes on. what will it be next time?

’til then,

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