paprika chips on sunday funday

today was sunday funday in the home scratch cookin’s kitchen and it was finally a seasonable 75 degree day in the middle of february in austin, tx. in our efforts to make use of the beautiful day, husband and i went on our first long bike ride of the year. it was wonderful and a healthy way to start our day.

i will admit that while thinking about what i wanted to tackle for funday, i was having a difficult time deciding on what it was that i wanted to set out and do. so, i started flipping through some cookbooks. as i was turning pages, looking for inspiration, i came to a recipe for chips. i’ve never made chips, so… i elbowed husband and playful said “i could make chips” as i pointed to the ominous page of the cookbook. his eyes got wide and he practically gasped “baby… i love paprika chips.” so it was settled. today, i made paprika potato chips.

portabella burger and paprika chips

the chips were a lot of work, but they were worth it. a healthy version with a european flare. i followed the recipe from one of my vegetarian cookbooks (VEGETARIAN by Fiona Biggs).

paprika chips

2 large potatoes
2 tbsp olive oil (i used more in between batches)
1/2 tsp paprika (same as the olive oil)
slice the potatoes paper thin & press between towels to remove moisture. heat a large skillet with the oil and paprika (i kept mine at a medium heat). add potatoes to cook one layer at a time. cook until the sides of the chips start curling. remove from pan and drain on a paper towel. the book said to skewer each chip, sprinkle with salt and place in broiler, flipping constantly for 10 min. i tried that twice, but decided that was absolutely for the birds. i ended up cooking one layer at a time (with a scant pinch of salt) on a cookie sheet in the broiler and cooking each side until crisp.
husband said “for someone that has never had paprika chips (a fare he loves to nosh on in germany), you nailed ’em.

the past couple of days i have been honing in on vegetarian fare, so to go along with the chips, i settled on a portabella mushroom burger. the mushrooms were grilled under the broiler with fresh mozzarella and roasted poblano pepper and served on top of sprouted buns (ezekiel 4:9).

our sunday funday was filled with sun, fun and tasty goodness.


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