ice cream cake & chocolate lego men

my little brother turned 26 today and to celebrate, his wife planned a surprise party at one of his favorite tex-mex restaurants. a handful of their close friends, our parents and husband and me gathered in wait for the guest of honor. at his arrival we all commenced in merriment and feasting on chips, salsa and other assorted tex mex fare. i had fajitas and husband had nachos.

as far as i am concerned, any celebration is not complete without cake. brother’s wife (a creative genius) brought an ice cream cake that she had decorated with chocolate lego men she made with the use of a lego man ice cube mold. so here i have two things i want to talk about… ice cream cake and chocolate lego men.

tonights ice cream cake was the first i have had in years. with vanilla cake as it’s base and cookies ‘n cream ice cream on top, i had forgotten how awesome it is. you can have your cake and eat your ice cream too. how great is that? an ice cream cake will be on the home scratch cookin’ menu soon.

happy little lego man! (looks like he's been feasting on my cake)

the lego men adorned the cake in perfect linear lego fashion. brother’s wife (as i mentioned, is a creative genius and in fact, it would behoove you to check out her blog at she used ice cube molds that came from the lego store at the mall for the melted chocolate. they were fun, tasty little treats that well suited the birthday boy on his wolf moon birthday.

happy special day, brother. i love you and wish you many many more celebrations!

lego my ice cream cake,

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One Response to ice cream cake & chocolate lego men

  1. AJ says:

    Aw, thanks for the shout out! It was a great party 🙂

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