tuna steaks & corn salad

it is hard taking photos of salads. i found this out this evening after i made a kick ass salad and an ahi tuna steak.

i didn’t want the popular ginger/lime combo for the tuna, i wanted something a little more southern, so i kept it really simple by grilling the tuna with salt and pepper and serving a corn salad as a side.

tex-mex inspired, southern cookin'

for the corn salad, i roasted 2 fresh ears of corn (husk, clean corn and wrap in foil) in a 500F oven for about 10min, flipping every 3min. let cool about 10min. meanwhile dice half a red bell pepper, 3 green onions (you could of course use less, but husband and i love onion), 3/4th of an avocado, cut a generous handful of cherry tomatoes in halves (i used yellow tomatoes), chop a handful of fresh cilantro, add a generous squeeze of lemon or lime, cut the kernels of corn off the now cooled cob, sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper and toss until all ingredients are mixed and coated with the lemon/lime juice.

corn salad; crunchy, fresh and full of healthy color


for the tuna, i preheated my cast iron grill until it was literally smoking hot, patted the steak dry, sprinkled each side with a little salt and put on the grill, cooking each side for about 4min. (this left the inside pink, so if you don’t want pink, leave it on for a little longer)… all of this will also depend on how thick your steak is (mine was about 1.5 inches thick). when the tuna reached what i deemed done, i gave it a generous sweeping of fresh ground pepper.

4min on each side... seared on the outside, pink on the inside

i loved the bright flavors of the salad and the mellow flavors of the tuna. it was a healthy meal full of the most important omega 3s and left husband and i supremely satiated without any guilt.

guilt free,

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