pita pockets

i spent over an hour sweating at the gym today so i decided i would for once be “good.” if good can always taste this good, i think i would be “good” more often. maybe.

when i was thinking about what flavors i wanted to combine, my brain went orange. my meal was colorful, bright & healthy.

post gym healthy meal

i stuffed a whole wheat pita with roasted yellow pepper, freshly chopped curly parsley, sweet yellow tomatoes, crumbled feta, balsamic vinegar reduction and a sprinkle of fresh black pepper. on the side (i used it almost as a dipping sauce) i made caramelized onion.


i loved what the parsley added to the flavor

to roast your own pepper and you are feeling fancy/have a really good vent, it is a lot of fun to place the pepper right on the burner. but when you aren’t feeling fancy, the broiler works just as beautifully. place the pepper on the burner or in the broiler and rotate until all surfaces are charred. place pepper in a large bowl, cover with saran for 10-15min (this steams and helps the pepper’s skin peal away). after your 10-15min is up (the pepper should be cool enough to handle by this time too), the skin will easily slip off. slice open, remove membranes and slice.

for dessert, i sliced up a fuji apple and had a handful of blueberries.


i could live off of apples, if it weren't for pizza

i cannot wait until berry season.

orange & sweet,

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