croissant sandwich

happy valentine’s day! husband and i did our celebrating yesterday. it included a feast fit for two cupid struck love birds. but today?i had a sandwich and beer. and lot of conversation hearts.

husband had to work this evening, so when i got home, i went on a long run to pay for my premeditated sins of beer, conversation hearts and cheese.

post run, my legs weak and self control weaker, i made a croissant sandwich with cheese cheese cheese, ham and left over kale pesto. to make it a little healthier, i ate some carrot sticks with it.

croissant, ham and cheese

for the kale pesto, process  a big bunch of kale, about 4 garlic cloves, a generous pour of olive oil, a pinch of sea salt, a small hand full of fresh basil, small handful of pine nuts and just to make sure it is properly pesto-ed a scant 1/4cup of parmesan in a food processor or blender until beautifully smooth and a delicious bright healthy green.

crusty croissant, kale pesto, ham and cheeeeeeeese.

what do you do for valentine’s day?

con amor,

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One Response to croissant sandwich

  1. koshercorvid says:

    We don’t go out for Valentine’s. It’s so terrible to be in a crowded restaurant with an overworked waiter. I worked until 7 tonight, so I just left some duck limbs marinating in red wine all day, and smoked it when I got home. Steamed asparagus and smoked cheddar for sides, and my Grandma sent a ton of chocolate and caramel for the holiday, so a few bites of those for dessert. Kale pesto is an all-time favorite of mine though–I use it for pizza sauce.

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