french toast & coffee

is there anything that says “i love you” more than freshly made french toast? in my half attempt to show husband how much i love him, i woke up early to begin the process. starting with baking baguettes, running to the grocery store for blueberries while the dough rose and drinking my weight in coffee.

with the baguettes baked and husband still asleep, it was french toast time. i used an inch of vanilla bean (cut open and scraped), 1/4cup warmed maple syrup, 1/2cup milk, 3 large eggs and shake of cinnamon. i cut the baguette in 1/2inch slices and soaked in the french toast magic mixture until sort of soggy. when each slice reached what i deemed a perfect soggy, i placed the slices in a baking pan (in a single layer) & baked at 350F for 15min.

french toast and fresh blueberries

as our home filled with the scent of soft, spicy cinnamon, i gently woke husband up with promises of breakfast and coffee. we both sat down to a lovely sort of valentine’s day breakfast of french toast, large mugs of coffee and soft conversations between our mouthfuls.

happy valentine’s day,

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One Response to french toast & coffee

  1. Angela says:

    I’m drooling. seriously. Jon and I were just talking about how much we need to make french toast. that looks divine.

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