eggs over messy

today was a lazy day. not much more than going to the gym, taking the recycling and making a mess in the kitchen was accomplished. it was glorious.

before i went to the gym, i had eaten an apple (because a piece of fruit is apparently a good pre-running snack), but 45min on the elliptical later, i was famished. as soon as i got home, i ransacked the fridge, pulling out an egg, whole wheat slider bun, and left over roasted red pepper; a breakfast sandwich of champions. i heated my skillet, melted some butter and broke my egg… i watched as it cooked and with all the post exercise endorphins pumping full force, i decided to be brave and flip it ala chef style. pumped up and promising myself it would be ok if i failed miserably by telling myself “there are more eggs in the fridge, you have plenty of paper towels to clean up. just do it.” so i did.

egg over messy

i had failed and made a huge mess. but it was ok. as i had reminded myself, i had more eggs in the fridge. i ignored the mess, re-buttered my skillet, grabbed another egg and with a full force of confidence, flipped my second egg. the result was an almost perfect fried egg that i was incredibly proud of.

my breakfast was tasty as it was, but with the enorphins and post flipping confidence, it tasted even better.

egg ala faith

as silly as it may seem, i am extremely proud of myself for being brave and attempting something i have never attempted before. and i have to admit, i am looking forward to making more eggs over messy.

ala, faith

About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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