pizza and beer

my friend and dining partner in crime sent me this text “i know you probably just got home but my brain is in pizza mode so i’m headed your way. kapeesh.” to which i simply replied, “pizza. kapeesh.” somewhere in between making it through our workouts and getting to our respective homes, we had turned into pizza monsters and  house pizzeria was all we could think about.

it was her first time to dine in and my first time there. we walked up to the counter & studied the menu. some debate went on until we found out we could top one half of the pizza with one kind and the other half with the other. on one half we went with the potato and goat cheese and on the other half we went blue.

blue - fresh mozzarella, stilton, port reduction. the port reduction had a wonderful sweetness that played so nicely with both of the cheeses.

potato & goat cheese - rosemary roasted potatoes, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese. the potatoes were like what dreams are made of. equally on par was the goat cheese, which prompted a very in depth conversation on how deep our love for goat cheese runs.

if that wasn’t enough to make you fall in love, they had beer flights on their drink menu. and you know, if you give a pizza monster a pizza… she’ll ask for beer.

so after not much discussion, we decided we needed another pizza and a flight of beer to go with it (we had after all sweat for an hour at the gym). on the second pie, we chose eggplant on one side and the subterranean for the other.

the subterranean - caramelized onion, fontina, mushrooms, rosemary roasted potatoes, basil. again the potatoes played a big role

eggplant - eggplant tapenade (eggplant, lemon, tomato, onion), capers, kalamata olives, parmesan. the sweet sourness of the lemon paired so beautifully with the salty capers and kalamata olives.

for the flight, we had a choice of any 4 beers on draft, so we chose 512 ipa, live oak big bark, jester king commercial suicide and victory prima pils (the only non-local of the group).

if you give a pizza monster a beer flight... she'll ask for another pizza.

hands down, our favorite was jester king commercial suicide. (and come to find out, a brand new brewery in town) it was the darkest of the lot we chose, and since i love dark beer, that was the first one i took sip from. lovely, dark and perfectly smooth, both pizza monsters fell in love with commercial suicide. our least favorite was victory prima pils. i took a sip… put it down with pucked lips and waited for the other pizza monster to give her verdict. seeing her same puckered reaction, i gave my synopsis. it tasted like dish soap. in between was the big bark and ipa. big bark was smooth and easy to swallow and the ipa was a more tender ipa than most.

i have tried other pizza places, but the pizzas at house pizzeria have been the first pizzas to come close to compare to my own pizza. i walked away with renewed inspiration and a satiated pizza monster.


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