sweet, savory, salty and simple

when it is really cold out, the best way to warm your home is cranking your oven to well over 500 degrees. it is currently below 20 degree F outside while it is a comfortable warm and toasty inside; all thanks to my oven.

husband and i had our neighbors over for dinner, so instead of the normal 2 ravenous mouths, there were 4. four mouths = 3 pizzas. have i mentioned how much i love making pizza?

each pizza was completely different; margherita, a recreation of last nights experiment gone awesome and a roasted red pepper with feta combo. each were tasty and wonderfully delicious. i am getting better at “mass” production and getting more than just one pizza on the table at a time.

shiny happy pizza


instead of holding hands, we were busy eating

roasted red pepper with feta


it was brought to my attention that none of the pizzas had what americans recognize as traditional tomato sauce. all three had a base of EVOO and garlic. when you first take a bite of pizza, what do you taste first? one of my first bites comes from the crust; it is the foundation of any good pie. in my opinion, why take away the spotlight with bogging a pizza down with red sauce when you can get creative with sweet, salty, savory and simple?  but that said, what is your favorite foundation?

sweet, salty, savory and simple, faith

About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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One Response to sweet, savory, salty and simple

  1. koshercorvid says:

    I make an olive-oil crust, some kale pesto, and mix a few fun cheeses to see what happens.

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