i heart pizza

this evening i had the pleasure of my friend the messee’s company. it has been a long time since we have hung out, so it was completely worthy of pizza celebration. in honor of her, i wanted to create a special pizza. so, i looked in my fridge full of leftovers, pulled at random and created a complete masterpiece.

so using what i had available i combined garlic, EVOO, leftover blue cheese dipping sauce, pear and fresh sage. her taste buds taken hostage after her first bite, messee looked at me and in earnest said “this is the best pizza i’ve ever had.” friend or no friend, that was a really great thing for her to say. it was an ego boost and edification for the flavor party in my own mouth.

experiment gone awesome

i was almost worried that the sauce would be too soupy for a pizza sauce, but figured if it didn’t work, i could make sandwiches.  i’m glad i was brave, because now i have a new favorite pizza.

for dessert we both needed chocolate (is there ever a time you don’t need chocolate?). following the impromptu format of the evening, i melted some dark chocolate in my version of a double boiler (a pot with an inch of H2O with a mixing bowl that almost perfectly fits the circumference of the pot) and mixed in a little olive oil. i poured the melted chocolate into two servings on parchment paper, sprinkled each with a pinch of sea salt and then placed them in the freezer to set (for about 10min).

i like it hot

i have a soft spot for spicy dark chocolate, so i could not resist sprinkling each with a dash of cayenne.

the evening was eventually wrapped up with hot tea and shared laughter. it was a successful evening of experiment and sweetly full of mess and messee.





About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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2 Responses to i heart pizza

  1. Eylife says:

    Good job Faith! There is a say in Italy “Never let it know to a farmer how good is the pear with the cheese ( otherwise he will arise the price) Blue cheese and pear is a wonderful combination. I wouldn’t mind it was excellent. Regarding your hot chocolate, you maybe could avoid additional olive oil. Dark chocolate is already reach in fat and butter. Btw, netx you have a party…….give me a ring 🙂
    Hugs to you & Jesse

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