snow day pizza

today was a snow day and it was wonderful. not only did i get to see actual snow on texas dirt for the first time in 26 years, i also made pizza. and to celebrate, i made one of my favorites.

snow day pizza special

i had woken up early with the intent to go to work, but thankfully checked my work email and had received the golden ticket; the office was closed. i became so excited, i couldn’t go back to sleep. i had to get up and make pizza dough. and coffee. then it was up to deciding what the toppings were going to be. yesterday i thought i had decided on a mushroom pizza, but when i went to the store today, i saw pears on display. i immediately sent my friend and dining parter (in crime) a frantic text asking “mushroom or pear?!” with her help, it was decided that it would be my special. pear, blue cheese, shallot, fresh sage, EVOO and a little swirl of honey decorating a beautiful 00 crust.


imagine this… a combination of sweet, gritty pear, the hybrid of onion & garlic and amazingness of shallot, green round flavor of sage, the sweet smoothness of honey and the sharp, rich flavor of blue cheese all joined in holy pizza matrimony. it was the perfect snow day feast.

since it was a day to celebrate and i had spent an hour sweating at the gym, i added a slightly decadent dessert to the menu. of course it was chocolate, but even better, it was a lava cake. (and a lot easier than it felt like is should have been). taken from Mark Bittman’s 102 Essential Recipes How to Cook Everything, i made warm, soft chocolate cake. the recipe is for 4 servings, so i cut it all in half for 2 servings (poor husband is out of town & didn’t get to partake in the snow day feast).

i garnished each cake with home scratch whip cream (with real vanilla bean) and chopped pistachio. the chilled cream and the pipping hot molten chocolate lava = love.

taken from mark bittman's HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING


there is no way you can go wrong with melted chocolate.

sex on a plate

it took most of my will power to keep myself from licking my plate

i'll take 5 more, please

it was a full day of kitchen time and a day of celebratory full tummies. it needs to snow in texas more often.

happily snowed in,

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3 Responses to snow day pizza

  1. koshercorvid says:

    hooray for pizza without tomato sauce! Eggplant and pear is a favorite of mine.

    • faithbenitez says:

      you know, i hardly ever make a pizza with “pizza sauce.” as much as i love tomato sauce, i like to showcase the crust and find that sauce takes a lot away from the bread.

      eggplant and pear sounds amazing. i love sweet and savory together. it is such a good, mouth watering combo

  2. Cindy says:

    The chocolate lava cakes are wonderful! Fast, easy and delightful! After Michael’s first bite of this heavenly chocolate cake, he looked at me and in a low voice (almost a whisper) said “this is delicious….” needless to say we will definitely have this dessert again!

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