cabbage : love :: warm

today i made cabbage soup. i used my powers that be to overturn husband’s veto and made the most creamy, buttery cabbage soup that i have devoured. my tummy is full and happy. and it was souper (haha) easy.

i started with spicy chicken sausage, browned in a stock pot. (much like the turkey sausage for yesterday’s lentils). once browned, the sausage was removed, leaving behind the beautiful, glazy sausage juices to sautee cabbage, onion and garlic halves, just until the cabbage was tender. i then added my boiled potatoes and chicken stock, boiled and then simmered until cabbage was cooked through (about 13min), took my handy dandy handheld blender and whizzed until smooth, added the savory sausage to the mix and served immediately along side toasted leftover cornbread.

it's like butta!

cabbage : love :: warm. again i hope you all are warm and full, faith


About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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