smokin’ in the kitchen

i am allergic to cold weather; that is one of the main reasons why i live in texas. that said, i am snuggly tucked away in my living room after previously being defrosted in my kitchen. in the spirit of keeping things warm, i pulled out my grill pan. i became so engrossed with watching portabellas sweat, i created quite a bit of smoke and was successful in smoking the whole place; my husband had to fan the front door, letting the freezing cold air rush in and flush the smoke out. despite the smoke disaster, dinner was delicious.

portabellas were on sale at the grocery store, so i picked up a couple thinking i would make sandwiches. after a little more thought went into it, i decided it was more of a naan night. grilled mushrooms, peppered feta, balsamic vinegar and fresh cilantro topped the whole wheat naan.

don't they look like sexy little mustaches?

for the mushrooms, i sliced & mixed with a little bit of EVOO and a little bit of sea salt, and threw on a hot grill pan. just be careful not to become too engrossed in watching them sweat…

after they were sufficiently browned, i put them in a bowl and covered them in foil to allow them to rest. while i was grilling, i reduced 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar. after the mushrooms were done resting, i stirred in the reduction and set the table with the sexy little mustaches, cheese, cilantro and naan.

i have a friend that says "i could eat feta with a spoon" to that i say... "who couldn't?"

to complete the tasty treasure chest, was fresh chopped cilantro. i love the stuff. spicy, fresh, distinctive; it never fails to round out flavors.

pretty green and spicy

all the flavors combined were warm and satisfying; a perfect combination for a cold night.

pairs well with a smooth, lush red wine

warmly, faith



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2 Responses to smokin’ in the kitchen

  1. koshercorvid says:

    I came to Texas to get out of New Mexico’s snow, too. It followed me! The only thing for it is to cook hearty and run up a massive heating bill. At least mushrooms and feta is nice and healthy–I tend to go for rib-stickin’ and high-cholesterol in this kind of cold.

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