pizza. pistachio. chocolate. oh, my

have you ever made anything and thought “mmmmm…. this is going to taste good,” and then at first bite, exceed your expectations? that just happened to me tonight. twice.

for dinner, since i am a good wife and i love my husband, i made him pizza. (he wasn’t lucky enough to be able to enjoy the fresh out of the oven pizza from last night). i had planned on chicken with pistachio pesto and homemade fresh noodles that i picked up today (thanks to my dear friend and her source). but when he asked what i was going to make, his expression was a little more on the lackluster side, so i decided… pizza. i had 3 dough rounds left after last night, so i grabbed 2 and started the process of warming, heating the pizza stones in my well used oven and thinking about toppings.

one pizza pie was host to ricotta cheese, blue cheese crumbles, prosciutto, garlic and a drizzle of  EVOO & sprinkled sea salt during rest/set straight from the oven.

i didn’t want my basil/tomato/mozzarella leftovers to go to waste, so i made another margherita, but this time instead of just drizzling the top with olive oil during the set period straight from the oven, i added some balsamic vinegar along with it. oh. my. god. so first marks the first exceeding of my expectations.

and then it gets almost better… for dessert, i again attempted a no cook chocolate custard recipe. a recipe that i have tried before, but no matter how good it tasted, i hadn’t quite mastered the timing of the stirring and cooking and chilling. the consistency was never right… it seemed to always get too hot too fast and leave me with chocolate truffles in a cup (which really… i won’t complain about, because it is chocolate. in a cup). but… i am so proud to say “I DID IT!” and the reward of doing it just right… heaven. in. my. mouth.. creamy, smooth dark chocolate, whipped into absolute custard submission, topped with homemade whipped cream with a hint of cinnamon and (i take liberty for this) dressed with pistachio.

the pistachio added a whole other depth of flavor

dinner tonight was a success; a happy husband with a full tummy and a happy me full of chocolate.

delightfully, faith



About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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