a tale of two pizzas

my hands smell like pizza dough which is one of my most favorite things about making pizza. my  hands will smell of dough well on into the night and i’m ok with that. i know that doesn’t say much as i like when my hands smell like onion…

the pizzas this evening featured the crust from the recipe “Best Pizza Dough Ever Recipe” and i have to say… it was good. really, really good. but i like my adaptation better. but to be fair, i have only made the “best” once, so i can’t say “my recipe is better, end of story,” because that would not be fair. so to say i won’t be making it again would be a lie. i will absolutely try it again, because i am a fair person and the true beauty of cooking and recipes is putting your own into them.

the crusts were thin and crispy; perfect play grounds for simple, more traditional toppings. on one pizza i combined EVOO, dates, crumbled goat cheese and freshly cut flat leaf parsley.

factoid numero uno: ancient Persian soldiers not only used their shields as reflectors of sharp objects, they used them as baking pans (move over Pyrex) for rounds of bread that they toped with goat cheese and dates¹

the other different (more well known) kind of traditional toppings included diced garlic (i love garlic and i’m not afraid to use a lot of it, i even rubbed crushed garlic on the outer edges of the crust), EVOO, freshly sliced mozzarella, thinly sliced tomato and fresh basil that i added during the rest/set period straight from the oven.

factoid numero dos: margherita pizza (a classic staple in traditional pizzerias & in it's home town of Naples) is named after the Queen Margherita and fashioned after the colors of the Italian flag; red, green and white ²

to pick a favorite between the two is hard. one was sweet, salty & savory while the other was bold, garlicy & delicious. but it is kind of like debating over cake and ice cream… when in the end, you put ice cream on your cake. so for these pizzas you can have your pizza and eat it too.

en garde, faith

Stern, Michael & Jane. “The Origins.” Popular Plates. Winter 2010. 4-5.


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  1. Tara says:

    sounds so yummy!

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