butternut obsession

this evening started out well enough; an incredible run, hopes of getting our taxes filed and making a stellar meal with the much day dreamed about butternut squash left overs sitting patiently in the fridge, just waiting to be made into a delectable… at least two of the three on the “to-do list” were accomplished. i am glad i went on a run PRE taxes and the butternut helped to quell my post tax melt down.

i had my heart set on a soup but couldn’t decide on sage or curry flavor, but after much debate and deliberation, i opted sage. so to start, i emptied my leftover squash (with caramelized onion) into the pot.


first came love


then came marriage



then came the babies in the baby carriage


better than calming lavender or soothing camomile, the mashed squash (hopefully more will laugh at this than just me…) and the sweating garlic soon filled the air with their aromatherapeutic scents making me forget Uncle Sam and remember the good things in life. Then I remembered…


who needs a baby when you have cheese?

finally, dressed for success with freshly grated parmesan and fresh cut sage, my soup not only fed my growling tummy, it refueled my soul.


soul food; de-stress; nom

soups on… faith



About faithbenitez

novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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