sunday fun day

day 1; attempt something new in the kitchen and accept whatever the outcome.

whether it is because winter squashes have been on sale or learning that my husband loves squash (he tends to be allergic to anything green) i have been slightly obsessed with butternut. so lending to my obsession, i made butternut ravioli.

in my first attempts at making the ravioli, i had issue with the won tons actually sticking together. eventually (about half way through) i stumbled onto a couple of “oh, well that works better!” moments. the most important being when i first dampened the bottom wrapper before putting the scoop of squash mix on it, it became easier to press the two wrappers together.

the final product dressed with fresh sage & pancetta, served with sauteed red kale

and how it really turned out (even still, it tasted great)

i didn’t cook the ravioli long enough. so, i have to ask, how do you know when ravioli is done?


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novice cook, expert food lover and day dreamer extraordinaire
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3 Responses to sunday fun day

  1. Julie D says:

    It looks AWESOME! I so miss you and your cooking!

  2. koshercorvid says:

    Ravioli is done when you scoop one out of the pot and it tastes done. usually 4-5 minutes, but I’ve never used wonton wrappers to make it (neat idea, btw!) so that could change things. But if you’re not sure just scoop one out with a fork, run it under the faucet for a second so you don’t burn your tongue, and bite in!

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